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Ensure project success!

Take project governance to the next level… automatically.

Protect your organization from project failure with TrueProject. For the first time you can COLLECT project hard data with stakeholder feedback to CONFIRM your team is following best practices. IDENTIFY non-productive activities, then using our groundbreaking AI/ANALYTICS engine, PREDICT unseen project risks while there is time to act.

Fix your problems before you know you have them!

Predict hidden project problems before they happen.


Meet goals. Run successful projects.

TrueProject is a revolutionary SaaS assessment and reporting solution

that validates your projects against proven best practices.

  • A "Point in Time" status and risk assessment of your project
  • Intelligent, automated project stakeholder assessments
  • Independent analysis of best practice adherence
  • Collaboration from your entire project team
  • Uncovers team factors inhibiting project success
  • Powerful predictive analytics reveals hidden roadblocks
  • Identifies key factors placing your project at risk
  • Expert Virtual Project Office Review of your project findings
Collect data from anyone, anywhere

Get info from the team, the ones actually doing the work

Find out with a simple online assessment from each team member whether everyone is working effectively towards a successful project.

We do everything to create a smooth and non-intrusive experience for your team, whether they access the assessment from their phone, desktop computer or tablet.

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screenshot of the dashboard

Measure what matters

Know the key factors that impact project performance

Cut through the project management noise and discover the key items in need of attention.

One-page snapshot

Answer the question
“Am I going to make it?”

TrueProject’s predictive analytics show if your project is on the right path. An independent third-party expert validates the findings and provides consultative feedback.

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Learn from past project performance

TrueProject benchmarks your project team’s knowledge, behaviors, and processes against a repository of successful and challenged projects. It looks at the people aspect of your project…as well as the process aspect identifying those areas in need of attention, while there is still time to act!

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screenshot of the dashboard
Actionable Insights

Make well-informed decisions

Rich data analytics drill down into those items needing attention to provide enough data for organizations to make a well-informed decision.

Taking action is easy

Highlighted are the top items in need of attention

A TrueProject consultant will walk you through your report, highlighting key areas needing attention AND what is needed to correct these items BEFORE it’s too late. You and your consultant will agree upon action items for your attention.

screenshot of the dashboard
screenshot of the dashboard

The TrueProject Experience

TrueProject provides you with a fast, independent snapshot analysis of any one project. It lets you identify project risks and early warning signs through a discovery assessment of up to 30 team members, validated by proven best practices.

TrueProject is priced at $2,495 (USD).

TrueProject is a fast, affordable, single project snapshot for your most critical projects and alerts you to unseen project risks, while there is time to act.

Fast and Intuitive

Get set up quickly

Getting your TrueProject review set up is fast, easy, and intuitive. Answer a few questions about the project and you’re ready to start.

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Easy Onboarding

Fast adoption using familiar interfaces

Getting your team on board is as simple as sending an email. Getting them hooked is as simple as letting them use it.

TrueProject Engagement Features:


Get the current true status of your project to help identify current problems as well with a numerical risk score.Get the current true status of your project to help identify current problems and get critical project insight.


No need to create, staff or manage a project assessment. Simply provide the stakeholder’s e-mail addresses and we take care of the rest.


Your TrueProject consultant will guide you through the entire process and help you interpret the results.

Easy to Learn
Learning Curve

Complete a simple sign-up, communicate the need for the assessment with your team and receive the results.

Minimal Investment
of Time

It takes only 10-15 minutes for each stakeholder to complete their assessment to quickly leverage the power and insight from TrueProject.

No long-term commitment
No Long-Term

Use TrueProject for as long as you wish and see the value for one or several projects.

Best Practices

TrueProject is pre-configured with field-proven best-practice questionnaires designed to elicit maximum results.

Assess up to
30 stakeholders

Evaluate team feedback, discover hidden issues within the team hierarchy, and its impact on project success, while giving voice to all team members.


Results are statistically processed by role and not tied to individuals. Your team is free to speak their mind.


Preconfigured analytics maximize results based on thousands of project reviews. Your comprehensive report contains graphical status representations, along with expert commentary.


Your TrueProject assessment includes an expert consulting session to walk through findings and recommendations.

Upgrade to

A built-in approach to migrate to an on-going project review system for all of your projects.

The first step is easy!

Ready to discover the True status of your project?  You’re on the right track!

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