Jan 19 2023

Questions on Project Deliverables Every Manager Must Ask

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Every project manager is familiar with the last moment changes in project variables and their effects on project growth and productivity. Managing project deliverables is one of the biggest challenges project managers face. It involves a considerable amount of experience and knowledge to align your project deliverables at each step of your project. In one of her articles for Digital Project Manager, Joanna Leigh Simon shares several questions every project manager should know the answers to in order to manage project deliverables better.

Questions That Will Help You Align Project Deliverables

What Are Your Primary Project Deliverables?

Identifying your project deliverables gives you a clearer understanding of your project goals. There are various deliverables that you must make a list of, such as:

  1. Kickoff
  2. Content strategy
  3. Wireframes
  4. Design rounds
  5. Development
  6. Content input
  7. Testing
  8. Launch
  9. Support

When you clearly understand your project goals, it becomes relatively easier to identify the challenges and ways to overcome them.

Which Project Deliverables Should You Avoid?

Knowing what deliverables are not required is crucial. It eliminates confusion and saves project resources.

What Is Your Project Deadline?

Before beginning a project, ensure your team and stakeholders are familiar with the deadline. It allows the team to be on the same page and use business resources sensibly and timely.

How Do You Define Project Success?

Success has a subjective definition. Discuss what project success means for the stakeholders and how they wish to achieve it.

Who Is Your Client?

Knowing your clients and their choices make it easier to develop a product to which they cannot say no. Align your project deliverables with the end picture of a satisfied client or end-user, and it will make every effort fall into its right place.

Who Is the Decision-Making Authority?

Familiarize your team with the ultimate decision-making authorities. Know the decision-makers preferred choice of communication and make sure you keep them in the loop with your project deliverables.

Who Is Doing What in Your Team?

Assigning project tasks is a significant aspect of a project. Know the strengths and weaknesses of your team members. Amplify their strengths and provide regular feedback to improve their work performance.

Who Is Your Audience?

Every project has a particular group of stakeholders, clients, and consumers that serve as the ideal audience for the project. They review your project scope regularly and ensure you are not compromising on the quality of your project deliverables.

Have You Managed a Project Like This Before?

Some project managers derive experience from past projects to which they have contributed. It helps them establish a strong groundwork where they expect to outperform themselves.

What Could Go Wrong?

While working on a project, hope for the best and be prepared for the worst. Make a list of potentially risky project components and pay special attention to them.

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