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The Challenge

A leading independent health and social care services provider in the United Kingdom (UK) needed to provide timely real time performance indicators to its management team. Management needed this performance information on a daily basis in order to make tactical decisions. Because of the effort required to process and calculate healthcare trends, the information was often delayed in getting to the mid-tier and functional managers who needed it. The health and social care services provider needed:

 Performance indicators on a single dashboard

 Real-time updates throughout the business day

  Improved operational insight  

The Solution

TrueProject delivered critical, time-sensitive information to executives as well as mid-tier and functional managers. Team intuitions and perspectives were combined with statistical operation data into a single dashboard to allow management the right information for the right people at the right time - all the time. As a result:


 Operational risks were mitigated

 Strategic and tactical business decisions were enabled

 Managers took advantage of emerging business opportunities

  Adverse situations were proactively managed


The Value

TrueProject provided this independent health and social care services provider with key performance indicators in a single dashboard. Managers were able to make informed business decisions because they had immediate access to real-time healthcare trends. “Best practices” learned in one department could now be easily and systemically incorporated in the day-to-day business processes across all levels of the organization.

The Line of Business

This independent health and social care services group provides ongoing healthcare for the UK’s
senior citizens. Working in close partnership with local authorities and primary care trusts, they provide
care and support for older people as well as a range of healthcare services. These services include
the operation of walk-in centers, GP surgeries and treatment centers, and the provision of a range of
specialist care and children’s services.

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