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The Challenge

A national Medicaid provider’s IT organization needed to manage their IT department like a business
with a focus on customer service that included defined requirements, realistic commitments, and on-time on-budget delivery of critical applications. They needed to:

 Measure and manage customer satisfaction

 Improve organization performance and productivity

  Consistently manage IT project health

  Have visibility into budding issues before they culminated in larger problems

The Solution

TrueProject was adapted to improve the organization’s visibility of the work effort and governance of a best practices work flow. Statistical project status data collected in other project management software, coupled with team intuitions and perspectives, provided a 360 degree view of each project. It provided: 


 Standard processes for collecting and addressing team perspectives

 A holistic multidimensional view of each project’s status

 Visibility into their development and support operations


The Value

The use of TrueProject allowed the national Medicaid provider’s IT organization to improve credibility with business, meet the needs of the business, and improve the quality and timeliness of the delivered solution. It enabled them to mitigate issues before they impacted overall business operations. Deadlines
and budgets were met and customer satisfaction was significantly improved.

The Line of Business

This national leader in health care solutions for the underserved is among the largest organizations of
Medicaid managed care plans and related businesses in the United States. It touches the lives of
more than seven million individuals covered by Medicaid, Medicare, SCHIP, and other insurance.
Their delivered products include full-risk HMOs, management contracts, administrative services,
pharmacy benefit management, care management services, and behavioral health care
management services.

TrueProject is used by organizations across all industries to ensure project success.


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