Introducing Advanced Management Insight, Inc (AMI). We are excited to announce that AMI has been established as a CAI subsidiary. The organization will operate under the brand name TrueProject, representing the flagship product of this newly formed company.

Join us on this exciting journey!


Gain Early Warning for Troubled Projects Weeks or Months in Advance

CXOs, Executives, and Managers can now gain insight into their projects’ health while there is still time to act. TrueProject accurately predicts troubled or even failed projects weeks or months in advance.

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What is TrueProject?

TrueProject is a SaaS management oversight solution that utilizes predictive intelligence to protect organizations from troubled projects. It provides continuous oversight of all projects and alerts management to those in need of attention.

A percentage of projects will have modest to intermediate problems that, if not identified early, will grow into more significant issues. Others fail outright. It is critical to eliminate these situations. TrueProject is your disruption insurance.

Key questions to consider:
  • What would it be worth to you to know, weeks or months in advance, which projects are headed for trouble?
  • What would be the value of a consistent, independent, professional second-opinion review of your projects?
  • Are you 100% sure of your ARR renewals and how your project delivery can and will affect that?
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With oversight provided by TrueProject:


You can reduce labor project costs by up to 30%.


Projects come in on-time, on-budget, and meet needs.


Receive advanced warning for troubled or failing projects.

Accurately Predict Project Health

Answer the question
“Am I going to make it?”

TrueProject’s predictive analytics show if your project is on the right path, providing project oversight and governance for all your projects. It is an independent third-party automated review that collects, analyzes, and reports on your projects.

Early Risk Identification

Identify key factors that impact performance

TrueProject performs the analysis for you and cuts through the project management noise, allowing you to discover the critical items needing attention with automated data import and analysis.

All in One Place

Critical project health information, centralized

TrueProject’s dashboards are designed with configurability in mind. Stemming from this is the ability to have a “one-stop shop” for data across the board, no matter the project’s type.

We Turbocharge

Your task and PM systems

TrueProject is NOT, nor does it replace, a task management or PM system. Rather, it substantially enhances the ability of your existing systems by integrating data from Jira, MS Project,, Asana, or others.


Let us prove it

See TrueProject in Action

See how TrueProject protects your organization from project failure. We look forward to showing you TrueProject live and answering all of your questions. See a high-level overview, including:

  The Early Warning Signs of project failure

  How Strategic Project Intelligence drives project success

  How TrueProject predicts and proactively reduces project risk

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TrueProject HealthCheck

With a one-time, 12-minute investment by team members, the TrueProject HealthCheck lets you pilot the predictive power of our SaaS solution:

  No training required

  No systems to connect to

  PMI-certified consultant delivers a summary output meeting with detailed reports that are yours for the keeping

  100% credit toward a TrueProject subscription

  See sample report

    See sample report
Project Value Realization

Get a complimentary Project Value Realization (PVR) output. Complete our quick assessment, and we will show you how much money your organization is leaving “on the table” and how much you stand to gain with TrueProject:

  Learn how your processes can dramatically affect success

  Gain insight into how you can reduce costs

  Implement more projects within the same time and with the same investment dollars

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About us

Our company is CAI, a 41-year-old, $1.1B technology solutions and services provider headquartered in Allentown, PA, serving enterprise, mid-tier, and emerging clients. With thousands of successfully delivered projects, our TrueProject predictive intelligence SaaS solution for project health is built upon a real-world bedrock set of experiences.

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