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Early Warning for Troubled Projects Weeks or Months in Advance

CXOs, Executives, and Managers can now gain insight into their projects’ health while there is still time to act. TrueProject accurately predicts troubled or even failed projects weeks or months in advance.

What's TrueProject?

TrueProject is a KPI-based predictive project management SaaS solution that improves project health and performance. By delivering automated project oversight and governance, TrueProject uses advanced warning, predictive intelligence, and AI to identify potential project issues before they become critical, ensuring your projects stay on track and within budget.

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  • What would it be worth to you to know, weeks or months in advance, which projects are headed for trouble?
  • What would be the value of a consistent, independent, professional second-opinion review of your projects?
  • Are you 100% sure of your ARR renewals and how your project delivery can and will affect that?

Experience the TrueProject Difference


Average ROI


Increase in project value realization


Decrease in project operational costs


Productivity gain


Saved per week by project managers


Saved per week by team members

TrueProject accelerates project completion, requiring less effort, ensuring quicker realization of benefits, and enhancing the delivery of intended value. By eliminating obstacles and proactively identifying project issues weeks or even months in advance, TrueProject significantly reduces the need for project rework, boosting overall productivity. The provided statistics represent the upper bounds derived from actual customer and potential customer project value assessments and estimates of tangible improvements in real project potential.


Maximize Your Projects' Success

with TrueProject's comprehensive offerings designed to ensure project
value realization, enhanced project health, and improved project outcomes.

Introductory Presentation

Discover how you can benefit from TrueProject's Automatic Predictive Intelligence and AI as part of your project management process.

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Project Value Realization Assessment

Invest 15 minutes to see how much money you are leaving on the table and how much you stand to gain with TrueProject's detailed ROI analysis.

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Experience TrueProject with our 2-month QuickStart rapid deployment package. Realize results and business value in just 10 days, guaranteed.

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Subscription Plans

Ensure ongoing project success with a TrueProject subscription plan. Unlock advanced features for continuous project oversight.

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Turbocharge Your Projects

Accurately Predict Project Health

Answer the question “Am I going to make it?”

TrueProject’s predictive analytics show if your project is on the right path, providing project oversight and governance for all your projects. It is an independent third-party automated review that collects, analyzes, and reports on your projects.

Early Risk Identification

Identify key factors that impact performance

TrueProject performs the analysis for you and cuts through the project management noise, allowing you to discover the critical items needing attention with automated data import and analysis.

All in one place

Critical project health information, centralized

TrueProject’s dashboards are designed with configurability in mind. Stemming from this is the ability to have a “one-stop shop” for data across the board, no matter the project’s type.

Get Proactive with Derived Insight

Enhanced context and earlier risk prediction

TrueProject's AI-driven Derived Insight substantially enhances the ability of your existing systems like Jira, MS Project,, Asana, or others. It detects early indicators of problems by analyzing both hard data and context-sensitive feedback from your stakeholders.

What Customers and Industry Experts Say About TrueProject

About us

Advanced Management Insight, Inc. began as a subsidiary of a 41-year-old, $1.1B technology solutions and services provider headquartered in Allentown, PA. It has since transitioned into an independent entity. With thousands of successfully delivered projects, our TrueProject Predictive Intelligence SaaS solution for project health is built upon a real-world bedrock set of experiences.

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