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Ensure timely resolution 

Time sensitive notifications are sent to assignees and contributors when actions are taken or not taken.


Get full transparency

Managers, team members, and stakeholders can enter and track risks and issues in a central repository.


Avoid catastrophes

As potential problems arise, prompt management is crucial to project success. Avoid catastrophic problems by addressing them early.

Identify risks early

Leverage the Early Warning Signs module to identify risks early

The Early Warning Signs module is backed by years of research and proven success. It discovers issues when there is still time to act via predictive analytics and key performance indicators.

Keep track of activities

Risks and Issues tracking

Track risks, issues, and corresponding activities to ensure they are addressed in a timely manner.

  • Risks and issues can be standalone entries or assigned to projects
  • Assign risks and issues and get alerted when actions are taken
  • Drill down capabilities to perform discovery and root cause analysis
  • Prioritize risks and issues based on probability, impact, severity, and other factors.
Focus on what matters

Dashboards and reports

Identify warning signs via a variety of dashboards, and keep track of existing risks and issues. Dashboards focus on:

  • Responsiveness to logged issues and risks
  • Drawing attention to critical risks and issues
  • Ensuring timely resolution of issues
Learn from past trends

Vehicle for lessons learned

Historical data shows which risks and issues have been presented and how they have been addressed.

  • Comments can be entered to keep stakeholder informed
  • Past risks and issues are catalogued for future reference

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Get your projects true status, identify current problems, and keep stakeholders informed.


Project Portfolio

Maximize organizational benefit via optimized resource utilization and proper portfolio alignment.


Risk and Issue

Identify & mitigate risks early before they become problems and resolve issues as they occur.