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The Challenge

A national testing company was developing a new online assessment test that would ensure their competitive position. The program manager responsible for the initiative understood the enormity of the project and the criticality to the testing company’s leadership position. He realized he needed continuous and direct qualitative communication with the members of the various development teams to augment the statistical data found in his traditional project management software. Traditionally, this critical information was obtained when management walked around and met with team members. But because the teams were so large and disconnected the traditional technique wasn’t an option.

Fundamentally, the national testing company needed a solution that would:

 Increase visibility into emerging concerns and issues of the project teams 

 Proactively identify risks

  Improve communication across the various teams as well as between the development
organization and the project stake holders 

The Solution

The national testing company selected TrueProject to address their business needs. It provided them: 


 Accurate and timely team member perspectives and status

 Multi-dimensional up-to-date information from all levels of the organization

 Consistent communication with team members and project stakeholders

  Early warnings to potential project risks


The Value

TrueProject provided the national testing company with a venue for team members to share their
concerns and issues. This information gave senior management daily, up-to-date visibility with the
appropriate detail to support executive decision making and highlighted disparities in perceptions
within the project team. Had those inconsistencies not been uncovered, significant effort and
associated costs would have been wasted. Most importantly, the timely delivery of several strategic
projects would have been jeopardized.

The Line of Business

This nonprofit national testing company administers and scores more than 50 million assessment tests
annually in more than 180 countries, at more than 9,000 locations worldwide. With more than 2,500
employees located in offices throughout the United States and the world, they have been leading
the field of assessment and measurement testing for decades.

TrueProject is used by organizations across all industries to ensure project success.


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