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The Challenge

A state government agency received a grant to build a new, government mandated program designed to keep citizens safe. To run the program they needed a new application that streamlined and standardized processes for data capture, validation, and reporting across all counties in the state. The new application was built by one agency and run by another. Additionally, the grant specified that the awarded funds had to be returned if the project was not successfully completed within a 14-month timeframe.


To ensure successful completion of the application, the agency responsible for developing the new application needed to: 

 Communicate between geographically separated team members

 Communicate with stake holders with different reporting structures and business goals

 Not exceed staff expectations throughout life of the project

 Manage team members from multiple vendors


Project success demanded constant and consistent communication to stakeholders and continual status input from team members. Complete transparency between organizations was needed to facilitate effective implementation, internal management, and sustained progress.

The Solution

TrueProject's Project Monitoring was used to ensure that the project manager had a finger on
the pulse of the project team and stakeholders from the onset of the project through
implementation. It provided: 


 Accurate and timely team member perspectives and status

 Proactive alerts of scope and requirement risks

 Consistent communication with team members and project stakeholders 

  Early warnings of resource issues


The Value

TrueProject provided the state agency with visibility and early warning of potential risks that otherwise would not have been seen. With APO, risks were identified and mitigated; and key resource shifts kept the project on track. The end result was a project completed early without the loss of funding.

The Line of Business

The state government agency responsible for building the new application is focused on enhancing
the criminal and juvenile justice systems and facilitating the delivery of services to victims of crime.
The agency assists communities to develop and implement strategies to reduce crime and

TrueProject is used by organizations across all industries to ensure project success.


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