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Project complexity is increasing. Learn what your organization can do to thrive in these challenging times.

A single critical factor

affects the business’s trajectory for any software, consulting,
IT services, or professional services organization…

… and that is your ability to deliver successful projects.




Projects fail too often.

You’ve seen the numbers. More than 70% of projects fail to meet all their stated objectives. Yet project complexity continues to rise, and time constraints only seem to increase — putting incredible pressure on the IT services industry to perform miracles. Repeatedly. One slip up… and your personal and organizational reputation is on the line affecting future growth.


Project surprises are bad.

Not seeing project risk beforehand, and not dealing with issue proactively are no longer choices for organizations wishing to grow their portfolio.  You need to continuously monitor your programs looking for problems BEFORE they happen… while you have time to act.  


Organizations that thrive are Proactive vs Reactive.

Thriving organizations don’t lament project problems after they surface and effect outcomes. They actively identify and mitigate issues EARLY. They don’t let one troubled project cascade into smoothly running projects.

To thrive in today’s environment, you must ...



 Utilize and integrate project monitoring and governance into your client projects.

 Reduce risk by Predicting potential risk.

 Provide unprecedented transparency between you and your client.

 Add a competitive advantage to all your project proposals.

 Find a way to never be surprised again.

Imagine, if you could do all that (and more) for a nominal,
pass-through billing subscription.

Take the next step toward reducing project risk
and growing your IT services business.




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