Protect your organization from costly project failure. TrueProject predicts project problems before they become the catalysts of project failure so you can ensure project success every time.

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Protect your organization from costly project failure

TrueProject confirms best practices compliance, identifies non-productive activities, and predicts project risks while there is time to act.

No more surprises

The Predictive Intelligence Solution for Project Health

TrueProject predicts project problems before they become the catalysts of project failure so you can ensure project success every time.

  • Accurate health and status of all projects
  • Data integration for complete project overview
  • Flexible monitoring with customizable dashboards
  • Informed decision-making with real-time insights
  • Better collaboration among teams
  • 360-degree view based on soft and hard data

Top-notch support

On-demand access to our Customer Success Team for any help you may need.


Great cost savings

Stop losing money on troubled or failing projects.


Data integration

Seamlessly integrate data from your existing systems.

360-Degree View

Get ahead of issues with Derived Insight

TrueProject's Derived Insight is an AI-driven feature that detects early indicators of problems by analyzing both the hard data from your project or task management software and context-sensitive feedback from your stakeholders.

One system, multiple sources, empowering you with the data you have been tracking to run projects, now with enhanced context and earlier risk prediction.

Sprint Goal
Measure what matters

Know the key factors that impact project performance

Cut through the management noise and discover the key items in need of your organization's attention.

With TrueProject, your project data is consolidated into a single, easy-to-use platform.


Learn from past performance

TrueProject benchmarks your organization's knowledge, behaviors, and processes against a repository of successful and challenged projects. It looks at the people aspects of your project, as well as the process aspect identifying those areas in need of attention, while there is still time to act.

Get back on track, fast

Highlight those top items in need of attention

With TrueProject, you can effortlessly navigate through your project results and gain valuable insights into the areas that need assistance. TrueProject guides you towards the critical areas that demand your focus and recommends corrective actions.

Stakeholder Feedback
Decisive, actionable insights

Make data-driven decisions

Rich data analytics capabilities allow you to delve deep into the intricacies of their projects, identifying and focusing on the specific items that require attention. With this level of insight, organizations can optimize their project management processes, mitigate risks, and drive successful project outcomes.

TrueProject empowers you to make informed choices based on reliable and accurate data.

Projects in Trouble
Critical analytics at a glance

Answer the question “Are we going to make it?”

With TrueProject's predictive analytics, you can proactively assess project health, identify potential risks, and make informed decisions to keep your projects on track. And with the added benefit of our Virtual Project Office, you gain the assurance and confidence of expert validations to enhance your project insights.

Ask the right questions

Gain valuable insight with stakeholder feedback

Uncover potential risks and issues with ease through simple online assessments, automatically sent to the appropriate team members. TrueProject provides a seamless and non-intrusive experience for your teams, whether they access the assessments from their desktop or mobile devices.

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See how you can prevent project
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