Protect your organization from costly project failure.

TrueProject confirms best practices compliance, identifies non-productive activities, and predicts project risks while there is time to act.

No more surprises

The Predictive Intelligence Solution for Project Health.

TrueProject predicts project problems before they become the catalysts of project failure so you can ensure project success every time.

Top-notch support

On-demand access to our Customer Success Team for any help you may need.

Great cost savings

Stop losing money on troubled or failing projects.

Failure protection

With best practices compliance and proactive risk mitigation.

Ask the right questions

Gain valuable insight with stakeholder feedback.

Discover underlying risks and issues through simple online assessments automatically sent to each team member. TrueProject provides a smooth and non-intrusive experience for your teams, whether they access the assessments from their phone, desktop, or tablet.

Measure what matters

Know the key factors that impact project performance.

Cut through the management noise and discover the key items in need of your organization's attention.


Learn from past performance.

TrueProject benchmarks your organization's knowledge, behaviors, and processes against a repository of successful and challenged projects. It looks at the people aspects of your project, as well as the process aspect identifying those areas in need of attention, while there is still time to act.

Get back on track, fast

Highlight those top items in need of attention.

TrueProject guides you through your results, highlighting key areas needing your attention. We work with you to identify and recommend corrective actions.

Decisive, actionable insights

Make data-driven decisions.

Rich data analytics drill down into those items needing attention to provide enough data for organizations to make a data-driven decisions.

Critical analytics at a glance

Answer the question “Are we going to make it?”

TrueProject’s predictive analytics show if your projects are on the right path. Enhance your insights with independent third-party expert validations through Virtual Project Office services.

See how you can prevent project
failure with TrueProject.

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