Welcome Global Alliance Members!

While we are suspending the global alliance and its associated website, we have an exciting proposition for you. We invite you to transform your membership into a Sales Assist Partner for TrueProject.

This NEW partnership opens doors for you to earn recurring revenue by referring or reselling TrueProject to your existing clients and contacts.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our TrueProject website. For any inquiries or to get started, feel free to reach out to Spencer Ewald at spencer.ewald@trueprojectinsight.com.

We are thrilled to continue our partner engagement with you to support your business aspirations with TrueProject!

Partners can market, sell, and use TrueProject for their clients

The Partner Program has three tiers of engagement for businesses who want to improve their sales and include TrueProject as a part of their service offering for clients. Partners provide sales, configuration, implementation, training and support to their clients on an ongoing basis.

Select any of the tiers below to see the full benefits grid.

Referral Advisor

A Referral Advisor Partner is eligible to earn referral fees for their work in identifying and/or providing meaningful assistance to secure a direct TrueProject software license sale. Referral Advisor Partners are afforded significant benefits that go well beyond referral fees in the areas of marketing, support and education.

Implementation Services

All the previous benefits, plus training and technical support benefits tailored for the consulting, system integrator and professional services organization. Additionally, the partner gains the TrueProject skills for implementations and other services, such as Virtual Project Office (VPO).

Resell, OEM, and Distribution

All the previous benefits, plus TrueProject for your customer project implementations at a low monthly fee. A DSO resell can be marked-up for an immediate source of new revenue and margin, and serves as a top-of-funnel opportunity creator for end-user customer enterprise licenses and services.


Benefits of joining the TrueProject Partner Program

With TrueProject, you can provide your clients with the Predictive Intelligence Solution they need, while unlocking a plethora of rewarding benefits for yourself.

  • Training & certification. We’ll provide expert training for you and your team to sell, market, use, and implement TrueProject.
  • Priority support. We handle support requests on your behalf so you can focus on selling and your client relationships.
  • Recurring revenue. Earn 10% of subscription fees for up to 10 years for a referral or maximum discounts for resell opportunities.
  • Sales & support materials. We’ll provide you with training and support materials that help you get started quickly. 
  • Services you can offer. Deliver our Virtual Project Office (VPO) services to extend your consulting offerings.
  • Early access to new features. Get special access to development platforms and a heads up on new features. 

Priority Support

You get priority support. And we handle support requests from your clients on your behalf.

Additional Revenue

You earn a percentage of every sale to a customer who you’ve referred.

Exclusive Resources

Access to exceptional sales and support materials, and early access to new features.

If you are looking to...

  • Expand your offerings
  • Improve the success rate of your projects
  • Gain additional revenue through referrals and resales
  • Earn an ongoing percentage from TrueProject sales
  • Obtain training for marketing, selling, and utilizing TrueProject

The TrueProject Partner Program is an ideal fit for you! Join us today and take your business to new heights with our rewarding partnership.

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