Setup your projects and establish your objectives.

TrueProject Portfolio helps you identify the mix of projects that will deliver the most value to the enterprise.

  • Risk and opportunity analysis.
  • Cost/benefit analysis.
  • Business alignment analysis.
  • What-if scenario analysis.

Create What-If scenarios of projects and resources.

Adjust your resources and role assignments to maximize existing assets. Determine the benefits of adjusting workforce levels to best achieve your goals. Avoid idle time and over scheduling resources to achieve maximum efficiency.

Continuous assessment

Determine your optimum ROI and Business Alignment.

Continually assess how each project contributes to your organization’s goals. PPM provides deep insight into project plans and keeps them fully aligned. Plus, optionally feeds your projects into other TrueProject products for complete visibility, control, and optimization.


Optimize resource distribution

Identify where resources are being spent and optimally allocate them to reduce effort expended for a marginal return.


Obtain the highest value

Build a portfolio of projects that have the right mix of risks/rewards to maximize what is important to the organization.

Continually assess performance

Review in-flight projects to determine if they should continue or be terminated.