Sep 29 2022

Are You Following These Project Management Best Practices?

Project Leadership
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Planning and executing a project within the set time and budget can be challenging for managers. A manager must balance stakeholder engagement, mitigate project risks, and uphold project management principles. So, what project management best practices must you follow? In this article at Forbes, industry experts share the keys to successful IT project management and why they are effective.

Do Not Forget These Project Management Best Practices

Consistent Communication – One of the Project Management Best Practices

Clear and regular communication is the foundation for successful project management. “There needs to be a defined governance structure around project communication that dictates project kickoff, status updates, financial impacts, schedule changes, change orders, stakeholder checkpoints, and proper signoffs along the way,” explains Neil Parekh of Netrix, LLC.

Work in Progress (WIP) Limits

WIP limits reduce the number of work items in progress at any time. The process is one of the project management best practices because managers can identify project threats, improve productivity, reduce context switching, and focus the team’s resources.

A Detailed Work Plan

Formalizing a project’s work plan helps managers meet deadlines and achieve milestones. So, how do you create a work plan? First, write your project plan addressing goals and problems. Then, prioritize goals, identify deliverables, and estimate task duration to define your schedule and dependencies.

Feedback Loop

Asking your team members for feedback is one of the project management best practices. It is one of the most powerful ways to grow as a project manager. Awareness of improvement areas can help you become a better version of yourself.

Proper Documentation

Always maintain a detailed project log and explain every decision. With proper documentation, you can quickly get new members up to speed in a short time. Similarly, you and other project managers can refer to the project record if you encounter a similar problem later.

Experts also highlight the need for having a single point of contact for queries, establishing Agile processes across the company, and setting milestones for checking progress as additional best practices. To read the original article, click on: