Management, oversight, & governance

Automate your processes.

Combine project hard data with stakeholder feedback to confirm your entire organization is following best practices. Identify non-productive activities, then using our groundbreaking AI/analytics engine, predict unseen project risks while there is time to act.

Capture human feedback

Gain valuable insight with stakeholder feedback.

Role-specific assessments ask the right questions to the right people at the right time. You can leverage best-practice built-in assessments or create your own.

Focus on what matters

Keep projects on track with interactive dashboards and reports.

  • At-a-glance access to your most important data.
  • Quickly identify areas requiring attention.
  • Spot anomalies and potential risks.
  • Drill-down discovery and root cause analysis.
Take control of your projects

Get early insight into off-track activities.

Early phase-based risk analysis leads to reduced failure, delays, costs, and improved customer satisfaction. TrueProject comes with best-practice rules and alerts, and the ability to add additional organization-specific knowledge and rules.

Improve performance

Get a clear view of reality vs desired benchmarks.

Automated, phase-by-phase QA reviews of your projects compare operational reality vs desired quality to create a plan of action. Leverage phase gates and project data feeds to check for improved productivity and consistency.

Learn from historic trends

Leverage historical project data.

Archived historical project data, findings, and analysis provide a base repository for benchmarking and trending ongoing projects.

  • View performance trends across a project's lifecycle.
  • Compare present project to past performance.
  • Capture and review project diary entries.
Automate your processes

PMs spend much of their time collecting data and crafting reports. With TrueProject, that collection, reporting, and analysis is done automatically.


Identify key factors of trouble

Identify the people (soft data) and project (hard data) metrics that enable you to take corrective action before failure occurs.


Get the true status

See your current true status with a numerical risk score to help identify current problems and gain critical insight of your projects.