The Surprise

Your responsibility is to NEVER surprise the CEO with bad news. Let TrueProject provide real status in advance so you never “surprise” the CEO again.

Wheel of Excuses

Don’t let your projects be run by chance. Empower your team by predicting and know precisely what is going on with TrueProject.

What Happened to Yellow?

Projects don’t go red overnight. Find out what is really going on way ahead of time with TrueProject.

Rear-View Mirror Driving

You wouldn’t drive your car by only looking in the rear-view mirror, so why are you running your projects like that. Get forward-looking, predictive status from TrueProject.


Our 3rd TrueProject comic installment; We think you'll get a real kick of this one as we ALL live this experience of work "juggling." Wouldn't it be amazing to automate your capabilities to predict

Denial Quicksand

Empower your teams with TrueProject before their problems drag you under.

Whisper Down The Project Alley

In our daily work life there are constant pressures from economic to customer satisfaction, to delivering our initiatives on-time, on-budget and meeting needs.