Jul 4 2024

The Cost of Poor Quality: How to Avoid Costly Mistakes

cost of poor quality

Project leaders and stakeholders are familiar with the triple constraint: time, cost, and scope must be managed to ensure a project's success. Yet, there's a fourth, often overlooked constraint: quality. The cost of poor quality (CoPQ) can undermine even the most well-intentioned projects.

May 28 2024

How to Craft a Perfect Stakeholder Communication Plan

stakeholder communication plan

A robust stakeholder communication plan is a must, especially in project management. But what if you skip the stakeholder communication strategy? You risk wasting time and effort. Moreover, clear communication and feedback from key stakeholders—such as employees, clients, investors, and partners—are crucial.

May 21 2024

How to Develop a Strong Project Schedule Management Plan

Project Schedule Management Plan

Have you ever wondered why an astonishing 52% of companies are “somewhat or very dissatisfied” with their organization's current level of project manager maturity? The harsh reality is that ineffective project schedule management practices lie at the heart of this alarming statistic.