Jun 7 2024

How to Create a Robust Executive Project Dashboard

executive project dashboard

Today's organizations face a double-edged sword: a relentless surge of data and the critical need to transform it into actionable intelligence. While the sheer volume can be paralyzing, the potential for data-driven decision-making is undeniable.

8 minutes
Jun 6 2024

Managing Project Quality - Why Is It Important?

Managing Project Quality

Have you ever considered the substantial resources that are squandered due to ineffectively managing project quality? 12% of resources are wasted due to poor project execution, with only 43% of organizations managing to stay within budget.

9 minutes
May 28 2024

How to Craft a Perfect Stakeholder Communication Plan

stakeholder communication plan

A robust stakeholder communication plan is a must, especially in project management. But what if you skip the stakeholder communication strategy? You risk wasting time and effort. Moreover, clear communication and feedback from key stakeholders—such as employees, clients, investors, and partners—are crucial.

8 minutes
May 21 2024

How to Develop a Strong Project Schedule Management Plan

Project Schedule Management Plan

Have you ever wondered why an astonishing 52% of companies are “somewhat or very dissatisfied” with their organization's current level of project manager maturity? The harsh reality is that ineffective project schedule management practices lie at the heart of this alarming statistic.

9 minutes
May 20 2024

Want to Improve Project Outcomes? Early Warning Systems Can Help

Early Warning Systems

Did you know that a Harvard Business Review report found that a staggering one in six IT projects experiences a cost overrun of 200% and a schedule overrun of 70%? These delays and budget balloons can cripple any endeavor, leaving leaders scrambling to salvage the situation. The good news?

8 minutes
May 17 2024

Reactive to Proactive: Manage Project Risks Like an Expert!

managing project risks

Managing project risks. It isn’t an exciting or pleasant topic, you think? As a project leader, your foremost responsibility is to anticipate and mitigate potential pitfalls that could derail your projects. It's about facing the uncomfortable reality: what could possibly go wrong?

8 minutes
May 13 2024

Early Warning Signs: Spot the Red Flags, Ensure Project Success

Early Warning Signs

Projects do not become troubled overnight. Most of us have seen projects take the slippery slope from "green" to "yellow" to "red," and along the way, there are plenty of warning signs that can help you avoid failure. By not addressing early warning signs, you are setting yourself up for failure.

5 minutes