Oct 11 2022

Effective Team Communication for a Hybrid Environment

Team Collaboration
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How many times have you sent an email or message and wondered how it would be received right after sending it? The natural flow of talking can be distorted by remote communication. The time gap between sending and receiving a response usually generates a lot of anxiety and leads to mixed feelings. Without a prompt answer, you may get disoriented, doubt your judgment, or even lose patience with your teammates. Even if you are accustomed to these noncontemporary ways of communication, they can still conflict with the traditional social norms of communication. You need to develop new and effective team communication methods of operation if you want to function at the highest levels. This article at HotPMO speaks about the challenges of remote team communication.

Internal Study Insights

According to an internal study, before COVID-19, three-quarters of Japanese employees thought the office was ‘the best place to work.’ During COVID-19, around 80,000 people worked from home in March 2020. By May, only 15% of workers believed working from the office was optimal, 30% preferred remote work, and 55% preferred a hybrid work environment.

Effective Team Communication

A lot of company tasks can be completed remotely. However, some tasks benefit from or call for varying degrees of face-to-face interaction and physical teamwork. Additionally, employees often want more flexible work schedules and environments, according to study reports. Per a McKinsey survey, nearly 30% of workers might change jobs if their company switched back to onsite work. Most corporate leaders concur that their primary purpose is to serve “all stakeholders,” in contrast to economist Milton Friedman’s assertion that firms’ only goal is to earn profits for shareholders. The preference of a worker for a hybrid workplace is typically an insufficient basis for a change. Before making a choice, executives must consider the impact of the hybrid working environment and develop an effective team communication methodology.

The author shares the survey insights about productivity, costs, creativity, information security, culture, employee expectations, and management complications.

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