Aug 4 2023

Project Monitoring and Evaluation: Measure Right or Fail

Project Monitoring

Have you ever wondered what sets successful ventures apart from the rest? It is all about effective project monitoring and evaluation! In this ever-evolving business landscape, just having a great idea is not enough. You should navigate your projects with precision, measure their impact, and adapt along the way.

Feb 2 2023

How to Monitor Your Work With a Project Tracking Dashboard

Have you made a perfect project plan? Are you on your way to flawlessly executing it with your team? But how do you know that your project will meet specified cost, time, and quality parameters? It is here that a project tracking dashboard plays a crucial role. It allows you to keep an eye on everything related to your project and overcome problems before they turn into huge issues. This article at shares some tips to effectively monitor and control project work.

Oct 27 2022

Project Tracking Dashboard: Monitor Projects in Real Time

Often, project managers complain that it is tough to effectively monitor and control the project. As a result, almost 70% of the projects fail miserably. So, how should managers achieve project success within the specified cost and time? Project monitoring and controlling is a crucial project management phase that allows you to keep an eye on everything related to your project. Furthermore, it helps you rectify any deviation from the plan before it becomes a huge problem.

Oct 27 2022

Should the Project Status Dashboard Include Controls?

Saving money and time is highly significant during project planning and execution. Project managers must master the art of project management to achieve success. It is here that project controls play a vital role in the project status dashboard. Project controls are often defined as activities to gather data to understand, plan, and predict project costs and time. This article at Project Controls Online discusses why project controls are crucial in the project management lifecycle.

Aug 4 2022

Have an Updated Project Status By Tracking It Well

Are you constantly worried about project status? It is tough when you must optimize resource allocation and manage costs, timelines, and risks. However, as a project manager, you must have a sane head on your shoulders as well as track projects effectively. How do you do it all simultaneously and without complicating things? In this article at My Management Guide, Eric McConnell shares how you can track your project to have an updated and well-documented project status.