Aug 4 2023

Stakeholder Engagement: Fearlessly Driving Project Success!


Stakeholder Engagement

Have you ever wondered why achieving project success often feels uncertain and elusive, despite meticulous planning and execution? If you have, you are not alone. Many project managers and teams grapple with this very question, and the answer lies in the power of stakeholder engagement. 

Jan 19 2023

Questions on Project Deliverables Every Manager Must Ask

Every project manager is familiar with the last moment changes in project variables and their effects on project growth and productivity. Managing project deliverables is one of the biggest challenges project managers face. It involves a considerable amount of experience and knowledge to align your project deliverables at each step of your project. In one of her articles for Digital Project Manager, Joanna Leigh Simon shares several questions every project manager should know the answers to in order to manage project deliverables better.

Jan 19 2023

Why You Must Prioritize Project Stakeholders’ Insights

Achieving project success depends on several varying factors such as team effort, persistence, and knowledge. Getting regular feedback from end-users will consistently improve the product. Insights play an essential role in improving overall business operations when they come from knowledgeable customers and team members. For instance, project stakeholders can contribute greatly from experience and specialization in their business. In one of their articles, PMAlliance shares why it is important to receive regular feedback from your project stakeholders.

Oct 13 2022

Project Stakeholders – Guide Your Projects Towards Success

There are numerous effective project management procedures, despite the common misconception that only a few methods exist. The invention of these models is for flexibility in software development, but you may use these ideas and methods in a wide range of industries. A substantial corporate investment is lost because of subpar project performance, and companies that do not view project methodology as a strategic capability have much higher project failure rates.