Apr 10 2024

Project and Portfolio Management: How to Boost Your Returns

project and portfolio management

Managing a single project can be challenging, but juggling a portfolio of projects demands a robust, multi-faceted approach. Your team requires an effective structure, while stakeholders demand a clear view of outcomes. So, how do you help your project leaders achieve them?

11 minutes
Apr 9 2024

How to Develop an Effective Project Delivery Method

Project Delivery Method

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) unveils a startling fact: 20% of 10,000 projects fail to achieve half their intended goals. Gartner amplifies this concern, noting that 51% of projects fail to meet their targets, while KPMG reports an alarming 50-60% project failure rate.

9 minutes
Dec 25 2023

Sailing Into a Minefield: A Checklist for the Cautious AI Adopter

AI and projects

A few weeks ago in Atlanta, GA, PMI’s Global Summit boasted many presentations and discussions around how Artificial Intelligence will shape projects … and project managers … in the near future. Nearly everyone I met had AI on their minds, some with delight—others with trepidation.

3 minutes