Jul 4 2024

The Cost of Poor Quality: How to Avoid Costly Mistakes

cost of poor quality

Project leaders and stakeholders are familiar with the triple constraint: time, cost, and scope must be managed to ensure a project's success. Yet, there's a fourth, often overlooked constraint: quality. The cost of poor quality (CoPQ) can undermine even the most well-intentioned projects.

May 13 2024

Early Warning Signs: Spot the Red Flags, Ensure Project Success

Early Warning Signs

Projects do not become troubled overnight. Most of us have seen projects take the slippery slope from "green" to "yellow" to "red," and along the way, there are plenty of warning signs that can help you avoid failure. By not addressing early warning signs, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Oct 6 2023

Project Metrics: Early Alert for Project Troubles

Project Metrics

As a project leader, juggling timelines, budgets, teams, and managing stakeholder expectations simultaneously can be truly challenging, right? Did you ever stop to think that achieving project success lies in meticulous measurements and assessments—project metrics?

Dec 24 2022

How to Choose Key Performance Indicators for Your Project

Do you want to successfully wrap up a project with your team? Key performance indicators in your project management help you understand the success and viability of your initiative. However, if you are not a professional project manager, you may fail to choose the right metrics to track your progress. Managers often have a wide variety of metrics to choose from, and it can get confusing. This article at Indeed explains why project management metrics are essential and how to choose one for your project.

Aug 18 2022

Which Project Management Metrics Define Success?

Do you want to reallocate your resources to perform better? Understanding your business’s performance is crucial to achieving all your marketing objectives and solving all your customer’s problems in the best possible way. A business key performance indicator (KPI) can help organizations monitor their success and identify challenges before they become more significant issues. This Indeed article discusses the importance of business metrics and some tips to help you effectively use them.

Aug 18 2022

What KPI Measurement Does to Your Project Performance

Project managers often wonder if they are correctly measuring project performance. Multiple metrics can help you ascertain how well you managed your work and what practices you can incorporate into your next project. But what should you measure while the project is in progress? In his blog, Bernard Marr shares which key performance indicators (KPIs) matter the most to your project’s success.