Apr 1 2022

Ten Fabulous Books to Hone Your Project Leadership Skills

Your actions are often dictated by what you know. Good books can have life-changing effects, teach you lessons, or simply continue to inspire you for years to come. Researching, getting insights from industry leaders, or reading a book can be a great way to better understand what technology means for society in the future. The more you know, the better prepared you will be for project leadership or other challenges ahead. In this article at Forbes, Jena McGregor shares ten must-read career and leadership books to boost your knowledge and career.

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Mar 24 2022

Key Tips to Implement Project Management Best Practices

Many businesspersons shared that there was a lot to do on different fronts when they had started their businesses. You have to hire a team that understands and supports your vision. You must allocate resources and monetize your brand effectively. Several other aspects have to be managed simultaneously. All of this can confuse you, and one wrong step can bring you back to square one. It is crucial to give proper attention to every aspect and prioritize tasks accordingly. Project management can help you.

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Mar 24 2022

An Overall Guide to Become an Efficient Project Leader

A project leader plays an integral part in project management operations. Besides, there are several other responsibilities that a project leader undertakes. If you want to become or are already a project leader, there are a few things you should be aware of. In her article for the CIO, Moira Alexander talks about different aspects of project management and how they help a project leader.

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Feb 17 2022

How PM Best Practices Improve Your Leadership Skills

There must be times when you feel that your team is not paying enough attention to your ideas. It is essential to understand the core reasons for your team’s indifference in such situations. A leader should focus on three basic concepts for effective project management: scope, schedules, and budget allocation. Vance Packard, social critic and author, stated that leadership is the basic concept of team building where you convince your team members to do something that you believe should be done.

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Feb 1 2022

Learn More About Project Managers’ Responsibilities

When you work as a project manager, it is your responsibility to meet deadlines and deliver the project as efficiently as possible. You are supposed to know your job well. Some project managers approach their job with an alarmingly narrow vision that does not leave much room for improvement. You need to consider learning as a consistent process and keep yourself open to new opportunities and experiences. In his article for DPM, Galen Low highlights different job responsibilities a project manager should focus on and deliver effectively.

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Jan 21 2022

Leadership Role in Project Management

Project management is like balancing and juggling three balls – time, cost, and quality. It is a way of developing structure in a complex project, where the independent variables such as time, cost, resources, and human behavior unify. Managing projects is a core business function that reflects an organization’s culture. Sustainable values, balanced emotional intelligence, and agnostic methodologies are keys to successful project management. The key to successful leadership is influence, not authority.

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