Dec 7 2023

Using the SCREEN Tool for Success in a Project

Screen Tool

As a project manager, one needs to have several tools for managing a successful project. Many project management tools assist with tracking a budget, project progress, and resources, but what about managing the human factors? A project manager can leverage a variety of leadership styles to lead a project.

5 minutes
Nov 15 2023

A Project Management Trip Around The World in 18 Hours!

project management officice

On Monday, October 17, 2022, at 9:00 am Perth (UTC +8), two Jamaican Project Managers started the journey of a trip around the world in 18 hours! This quest started with excitement, curiosity, and an eagerness to explore and learn more about the challenges, trends, and best practices in Project Management.

5 minutes
Oct 10 2023

Four Tools for Coaching & Project Management Success

project management success

Over the last few years, I have transitioned from working as a program/project manager to speaking to, writing for, and coaching project managers. And I have been paying a lot of attention to the tools that bring success. All too often we seek the “one thing” that will magically make us happy, successful, and effective.

15 minutes
Oct 6 2023

Project Metrics: Early Alert for Project Troubles

Project Metrics

As a project leader, juggling timelines, budgets, teams, and managing stakeholder expectations simultaneously can be truly challenging, right? Did you ever stop to think that achieving project success lies in meticulous measurements and assessments—project metrics?

7 minutes
Oct 6 2023

Does Your Project Prioritize Issue Management?

Issue Management

Unforeseen obstacles, tight deadlines, and lurking resource constraints are inherent risks in every project. How confident are you in your team's ability to overcome these hurdles and ensure smooth progress? Successful project issue management requires more than just a well-crafted plan and a capable team.

7 minutes