Feb 15 2023

Tips to Enhance Teamwork and Communication Within a Group

Remote working models have allowed professionals to connect with other employees regardless of the time difference and separate business departments. Employees can have a word with each other about any organizational concern whenever they want to. However, business experts have witnessed a concerning disconnect among the staff members. It is vital for team members to address this issue and understand the importance of communication within a group.

Feb 2 2023

How to Monitor Your Work With a Project Tracking Dashboard

Have you made a perfect project plan? Are you on your way to flawlessly executing it with your team? But how do you know that your project will meet specified cost, time, and quality parameters? It is here that a project tracking dashboard plays a crucial role. It allows you to keep an eye on everything related to your project and overcome problems before they turn into huge issues. This article at ProjectPractical.com shares some tips to effectively monitor and control project work.

Jan 19 2023

Questions on Project Deliverables Every Manager Must Ask

Every project manager is familiar with the last moment changes in project variables and their effects on project growth and productivity. Managing project deliverables is one of the biggest challenges project managers face. It involves a considerable amount of experience and knowledge to align your project deliverables at each step of your project. In one of her articles for Digital Project Manager, Joanna Leigh Simon shares several questions every project manager should know the answers to in order to manage project deliverables better.

Jan 19 2023

Why You Must Prioritize Project Stakeholders’ Insights

Achieving project success depends on several varying factors such as team effort, persistence, and knowledge. Getting regular feedback from end-users will consistently improve the product. Insights play an essential role in improving overall business operations when they come from knowledgeable customers and team members. For instance, project stakeholders can contribute greatly from experience and specialization in their business. In one of their articles, PMAlliance shares why it is important to receive regular feedback from your project stakeholders.

Jan 5 2023

PM Best Practices: Tips to Assure Your Project Success

A successful project can help your business in various ways. It can enhance the brand value of your company, yield better investments, and boost the morale of your workforce. So, how do you define the success of a project? The answer is quite simple. A project is successful when all its goals are met. An effective project manager regulates a project’s growth and ensures it is following the right course of action.

Jan 5 2023

Project Planning Best Practices You Must Know About

Companies that generate more revenue and better products prioritize project planning as the core strategy of their business. Project planning best practices enable you to reduce costs and time. They also mitigate potential risks by helping you execute a perfect project portfolio. A project portfolio is similar to an investment fund where the fund manager chooses stocks with the highest anticipated return on investment.

Dec 24 2022

How to Choose Key Performance Indicators for Your Project

Do you want to successfully wrap up a project with your team? Key performance indicators in your project management help you understand the success and viability of your initiative. However, if you are not a professional project manager, you may fail to choose the right metrics to track your progress. Managers often have a wide variety of metrics to choose from, and it can get confusing. This article at Indeed explains why project management metrics are essential and how to choose one for your project.

Dec 22 2022

Is Governance Critical in Project Management Methods?

According to Harvard Business Review, every success, every mishap, and every opportunity seized or missed is the result of a decision someone made or failed to make. So, what helps you make “good decisions?” It is here that project governance plays a crucial role. Governance goes beyond the decision-making of a single project. It defines an organization’s activities, including regulations, functions, processes, policies, procedures, and responsibilities. So, how crucial is governance in project management methods?

Dec 8 2022

How Project Governance Can Help You Measure Project Success

Project success depends on various factors. When you specifically focus on the small business sector, money and time become two of the most decisive success components. If your project goes over budget or does not finish within the stipulated time, it fails to succeed. However, project management experts believe that there are other success factors that businesses ignore. There are various business elements that you can optimize through effective project governance.

Oct 27 2022

Project Tracking Dashboard: Monitor Projects in Real Time

Often, project managers complain that it is tough to effectively monitor and control the project. As a result, almost 70% of the projects fail miserably. So, how should managers achieve project success within the specified cost and time? Project monitoring and controlling is a crucial project management phase that allows you to keep an eye on everything related to your project. Furthermore, it helps you rectify any deviation from the plan before it becomes a huge problem.